Kelly, her husband and baby daughter recently moved into their first home in Northern Virginia.  The house had nearly gone into foreclosure and they were able to get it at a good price but, it needed some work.  Armed with $5,000 for  initial repairs, they embarked on an update the Property Brothers would be proud of.

Kelly says, “The floors were in bad shape and we didn’t want the baby crawling around on that, so the first thing we did was replace the worn carpet. We wanted hardwood floors but they were too expensive, so instead we had a beautiful laminate floor installed throughout the house.” These are not your mother’s laminate floors. Laminate flooring has come a long way in color options, feel and wear ability, so it can be a good affordable choice.

Next, they completed some basic repairs and had the entire house painted. “This made a huge difference but of course, once you make one area look really great, everything else screams for attention.”

“The cabinets – an older oak style – were driving me nuts,” Kelly says.
“They were dirty and after the new floors and paint, they just looked too dated. It was too costly to replace them, so I decided to paint them myself.” First, she sanded them and then painted them white using a combination paint and primer. “Eww, that was a mistake! Tannin stains seeped through on the doors, giving them a yellowish color. Then I discovered that I needed to use a separate primer and then paint, not a combination product. So I re-primed the cabinets and painted them again with Behr’s pure white matte finish. I’m must say the finished product is gorgeous and I’m pretty pleased.  On to the countertops, which I plan to do in reclaimed wood…and furnishings!”

After the installing the new flooring and painting throughout the whole house, plus Kelly’s work on the kitchen cabinets, their investment totaled just $5,000.00. Love the before and after photos!

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