The necessity of a side-gig is here to stay, and there are a few reasons for you to fully jump aboard:

  1. Whether it’s for today’s expenses or savings for the future, you can always use the extra income. Bills, emergency expenses, a new home or car, that dream vacation, or retirement will all be made easier with extra cash.
  2. The employer landscape continues to transform, which can sometimes mean uncertainty about job permanence. Whether it’s changes in benefits, contract work, or right-sizing to achieve the bottom line, you never know where your 9-to-5 is going.
  3. Side gigs give you a chance to do something you really like while using or expanding skills that you may need in your next position. You can even build your business to the point where you’ll be your own BOSS.

The ideas to consider are endless. For example, Wonolo helps you find temporary work locally. Or consider shopping for items to resell through Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program. Got mad skills as a writer, graphic designer or website developer? Check out Upwork, to get matched with employers who need skills such as these.  You can find more ideas at or check out businesses you can start while working full time from entrepreneur, writer and content blogger Ryan Robinson (we’re not recommending everything on this list, e.g., “College Admissions Essay Writer.”  Kids need to write their own essays!).

Cost! Do something that has a low start-up cost. There’s no need to invest a lot of money in something before you start making money.

Conflict of Interest! Find out if your employer has a policy about outside work and, if so, how to get their approval for your side business. It’s worth it to follow their rules so you don’t lose your primary form of employment. Whatever you do, make sure you do it on your own schedule and don’t use work email, computers or any other assets at your job.

Free Marketing! Social media can be a free or low-cost way to tell people what you’re doing.  Let them know how your products and services can make their lives better.

We’re rooting for you, so get started now!