I love Popsugar.  With such a sweet name, how can you not? But here’s why it’s one of the best newsletters that I receive. Every morning I get an email with fitness and/or nutrition tips that are easy to manage and make me feel good about doing something that’s healthy for me. There’s tons of information out there that sounds good but can be so challenging, you want to just say “Forget it, and please pass me another Tate’s chocolate chip cookie!”

In one easy-to-follow tip sheet, Popsugar shows you gives you the workout, the food, and through it’s partner site Shop Style, even the gear you need to get moving, so that you feel and look better. Some of our recent personal favorites are The One Exercise that Burns More Fat Than Running and How to Sit Still and Still Burn Calories…eh, you get it now?  The morning prompts are like a great way to start the day – almost with my own personal trainer.  Visit Popsugar right now and sign up!