When I’m home – even without plans – I like to dress so I can welcome whatever the day may bring. For me it creates an optimistic mindset that helps me get things accomplished. I feel good, and I like being prepared to welcome anyone who might drop by.  This doesn’t mean that I’m wearing heels and super-tailored clothing.  But I skip the ragged t-shirt and paint-spattered pants for days when I’m actually painting!

So when I read Fast Company’s profile of several brands that work super-well for those who work from home, and want to be both comfortable and professional, I had to share. I can definitely vouch for Kit & Ace for their all around cool style and easy wear fabrics.  The fuss-free 7115 by Szeki line and ultra-comfy Heucy lines look are easy to wear as well.  And then there’s AlignMed – which keeps your posture in line which probably helps when you’re huddled over your Mac.  Check out these options and more in this quick read by FC.