In keeping with our mantra to never depend solely on a 9 to 5 – or a spouse or partner’s income for that matter – we continue to share tips on how you can start or side gig (which could become the your best job/career/multinational corporation).

One of the easier options for side gigs is as a consultant.  First you’ll need to determine what you know or can do that will be of value to others. It could be writing, web design, expert knowledge in a subject area, fabulous creativity, or an incredible ability to come up with solutions to issues – you get the idea.

On your own, you’re able to work around the set hours of a primary job, and do something that might come as a second nature to you and that hopefully that you enjoy, since you’ll be bonus time plotting your way to whatever is at the end of your rainbow.  And yes, you’ll establish your own rates because you are a Bossgirl and know your worth!

The is a resource for tons of information on entrepreneurship and this piece on how to get started as a consultant caught my eye, so I had to share it. Check it out!

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