Do you think you know something about money management but need to know more?
Have you made everything from bite-sized blunders to egregious errors with your money?
Trying to figure out how to balance everything – whether you’re just starting out, balancing a family and household, or dealing with countless life changes?
Do you know not just know how to save, but how to build wealth?
Do you know the benefits of a trust vs. a will?
Do you know whether you have enough money for your retirement?

If you answered that last question with, “What’s retirement?” then this Maxwell’s Playbook event is definitely for YOU!

Zaneilia Harris, is a certified financial planner and the author of Finance and Stilettos: Money Matters for the Well-Heeled Woman. This woman is a BOSS at helping clients achieve financial success by guiding them through major life-changing events such as marriage, divorce, widowhood, career transition and selling a business. Zaneilia is on the CNBC Financial Advisor Council and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes and other publications, and was named one of the 100 Most Influential Advisors by Investopedia in 2017. Check out more about Zaneilia at

Frank Baldino, an estates and trust attorney with Lerch, Early & Brewer, helps people throughout the greater Washington area protect assets for their families and future generations through careful estate tax planning and more. As the dad of a daughter, he is keenly aware of the need to know your worth. Washingtonian and he is recognized as one of the top lawyers in his field. More information about Frank is at

This event has ended but Zaneila and Frank were wonderful and shared information that can be helpful at all stages of life. We invite you to contact them about the services they offer to help to grow your money and manage your wealth.