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About Those Benjamins…

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How do you spend YOUR money? Can you walk away from your job or a bad relationship? Do you know how to negotiate for better pay? In case you missed it, Glamour’s April issue has the results of their exclusive survey, “Money Secrets from 1,000 Women”, which are fascinating.  With all of the discussion about women’s […]

From Simply Saving to Building Wealth!

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Do you think you know something about money management but need to know more? Have you made everything from bite-sized blunders to egregious errors with your money? Trying to figure out how to balance everything – whether you’re just starting out, balancing a family and household, or dealing with countless life changes? Do you know […]

Help! How do I Start Working for Myself?!

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In keeping with our mantra to never depend solely on a 9 to 5 – or a spouse or partner’s income for that matter – we continue to share tips on how you can start or side gig (which could become the your best job/career/multinational corporation). One of the easier options for side gigs is […]

Yes, You Do Have Time for a Side Gig!

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I’m on my side gig soap box again.  I first discovered the need for a side gig years ago when the company that I worked for was sold and my job was eliminated. Fortunately, I was able to get work as a consultant very quickly, but then and there I swore I would never be […]

4 Lessons From George Clooney About Side Gigs

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Maxwell’s Playbook is a huge proponent of having a side gig. Your 9 to 5 can be great bread and butter but who doesn’t love a bit of their favorite dessert after chowing down on salad and protein?   Enter George Clooney – whose Wikipedia entry describes him as an “American actor, filmmaker, activist, businessman, and philanthropist” […]

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