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Five Miles with Dr. Josefina

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Maxwell’s Playbook was honored to host Dr. Josefina Monasterio this past summer and let me tell you, she is a ball of fire. At age 73 she is bodybuilder and life evangelist who empowers women with the message that you can be vibrant at any age. Moreover, as a life coach, she demonstrates how to […]

Self Care Sundays

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My husband and I recently returned from a Disney cruise to the Bahamas.  (Yes, we were on the fantastic Disney Dream without the kids, which I highly recommend, but that’s another story.)  The air and sunshine felt fantastic, especially since we were escaping from the winter-like weather in northern Virginia.  One of the highlights was […]


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It’s a sad state of affairs when a hashtag attached to personal stories of sexual assault is the top trending story on social media.  It’s trending now because many female celebrities and other well-known women have had enough, and in the light of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged behavior over the past 30 years, are now emboldened […]

What’s on YOUR Birthday Bucket List?

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My niece Jerrell is a stay-at-home wife and mom these days with a one year old daughter and another one on the way. She’s a wonderful writer and recently shared a post on her own blog about her “Birthday Bucket List”. I thought that Maxwell’s Playbook readers could relate to the idea of a bucket […]

Recognizing Abusive Behavior; It’s Not Always Physical

Turning to a very serious topic, I’ve read articles on abusive relationships and  many of them focus on physical abuse. However, we must recognize that abuse comes in many other forms including humiliation, emotional abuse, and manipulative behavior.  I was struck by Leigh Stein’s story in the Washington Post a couple of weeks ago, of how a relationships […]

Popsugar for Fitness

I love Popsugar.  With such a sweet name, how can you not? But here’s why it’s one of the best newsletters that I receive. Every morning I get an email with fitness and/or nutrition tips that are easy to manage and make me feel good about doing something that’s healthy for me. There’s tons of information out there that sounds good but can […]

Could You Be Addicted to Working Out?

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Working out? Yes! Not only is it great for your physical health but (believe me) it is contributes to mental well-being and the balance that life requires. However, in some cases people overdo it and that can cause or worsen injuries or other issues. Check out Fitness Magazine’s “7 Signs of Exercise Addiction” on what to look […]

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