7 Easy Tips for a Summer Solstice Party!

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Summer is here!! And, what better way to welcome the arrival of the season that gives us cotton candy at the beach, fireflies at night, al fresco dining AND the longest day of the year, than a Summer Solstice party? We found that the key is to have it on June 21st, the first day […]

Self Care Sundays

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My husband and I recently returned from a Disney cruise to the Bahamas.  (Yes, we were on the fantastic Disney Dream without the kids, which I highly recommend, but that’s another story.)  The air and sunshine felt fantastic, especially since we were escaping from the winter-like weather in northern Virginia.  One of the highlights was […]

Invitations That Coordinate with Your Wedding Venue

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Is this the cutest ever?  Paperless Post has done it again, this time by designing wedding invitations that coordinate with your wedding venue. Note that they’re not matchy-matchy, but instead tastefully harmonize with your wedding theme/location.  I wish I was getting married all over again!  

From Simply Saving to Building Wealth!

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Do you think you know something about money management but need to know more? Have you made everything from bite-sized blunders to egregious errors with your money? Trying to figure out how to balance everything – whether you’re just starting out, balancing a family and household, or dealing with countless life changes? Do you know […]

Help! How do I Start Working for Myself?!

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In keeping with our mantra to never depend solely on a 9 to 5 – or a spouse or partner’s income for that matter – we continue to share tips on how you can start or side gig (which could become the your best job/career/multinational corporation). One of the easier options for side gigs is […]

Happy 2018! Looking Back and Ahead

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As 2017 comes to a close I’ve been thinking about what our Maxwell’s Playbook group has accomplished during the past year AND our agenda for  2018! It was really cool to look back at the awesome things we’ve been doing. This past year, we gathered for brunch in Ashburn on Saturdays, tackling topics like  […]

What’s on YOUR Birthday Bucket List?

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My niece Jerrell is a stay-at-home wife and mom these days with a one year old daughter and another one on the way. She’s a wonderful writer and recently shared a post on her own blog about her “Birthday Bucket List”. I thought that Maxwell’s Playbook readers could relate to the idea of a bucket […]

A Year of Saying “Yes” – How it turned out

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I am very much a creature of habit, primarily because as a working woman, wife, mom and other-things-in-chief, structure is needed to get everything done.  Sometimes this is good because you stay on track and accomplish those things on your to-do list. However, at other times it can be terribly limiting. Things that conflict with […]

Turning a Winter Weather Blast into a Stay-cation

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It’s that time when every local broadcast begins with a “winter weather alert”. Last year our area got 30 inches of snow in a huge blizzard that pummeled the east coast.  Note that we typically get this kind of snow only once every five or so years (if we’re lucky). Of course, everyone was wringing their […]

Recognizing Abusive Behavior; It’s Not Always Physical

Turning to a very serious topic, I’ve read articles on abusive relationships and  many of them focus on physical abuse. However, we must recognize that abuse comes in many other forms including humiliation, emotional abuse, and manipulative behavior.  I was struck by Leigh Stein’s story in the Washington Post a couple of weeks ago, of how a relationships […]

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