Happy 2018! Looking Back and Ahead

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As 2017 comes to a close I’ve been thinking about what our Maxwell’s Playbook group has accomplished during the past year AND our agenda for  2018! It was really cool to look back at the awesome things we’ve been doing. This past year, we gathered for brunch in Ashburn on Saturdays, tackling topics like  […]

Yes, You Do Have Time for a Side Gig!

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I’m on my side gig soap box again.  I first discovered the need for a side gig years ago when the company that I worked for was sold and my job was eliminated. Fortunately, I was able to get work as a consultant very quickly, but then and there I swore I would never be […]


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It’s a sad state of affairs when a hashtag attached to personal stories of sexual assault is the top trending story on social media.  It’s trending now because many female celebrities and other well-known women have had enough, and in the light of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged behavior over the past 30 years, are now emboldened […]

What’s on YOUR Birthday Bucket List?

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My niece Jerrell is a stay-at-home wife and mom these days with a one year old daughter and another one on the way. She’s a wonderful writer and recently shared a post on her own blog about her “Birthday Bucket List”. I thought that Maxwell’s Playbook readers could relate to the idea of a bucket […]

What Happens @ Brunch?

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We at Maxwell’s Playbook are so thrilled about the first season of our Brunch Series!  Together with a fierce community of women, we have covered topics and experiences that made us all stronger.  We kicked things off last September with our first speaker and uber GF, Tonya Sharpe of Live Nation, who talked about the […]

4 Lessons From George Clooney About Side Gigs

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Maxwell’s Playbook is a huge proponent of having a side gig. Your 9 to 5 can be great bread and butter but who doesn’t love a bit of their favorite dessert after chowing down on salad and protein?   Enter George Clooney – whose Wikipedia entry describes him as an “American actor, filmmaker, activist, businessman, and philanthropist” […]

Missing Our Fathers

Had he lived, President Kennedy would have turned 100 this year. There have been television specials dedicated to this as well as think pieces, interviews, and more marking this milestone. Among these was a statement by Caroline Kennedy, JFK’s lone surviving child who said, “I miss my father every day.” Miss my father, I thought. […]

Teens Urged to Save for Retirement 

This isn’t fake news. You read that right. Saving anything at any age is better than not saving at all. However retirement professionals say that even babysitting money can be used to start a retirement account. We already know that the traditional three-legged stool – pension, Social Security and savings – will not continue to […]

A Year of Saying “Yes” – How it turned out

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I am very much a creature of habit, primarily because as a working woman, wife, mom and other-things-in-chief, structure is needed to get everything done.  Sometimes this is good because you stay on track and accomplish those things on your to-do list. However, at other times it can be terribly limiting. Things that conflict with […]

Turning a Winter Weather Blast into a Stay-cation

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It’s that time when every local broadcast begins with a “winter weather alert”. Last year our area got 30 inches of snow in a huge blizzard that pummeled the east coast.  Note that we typically get this kind of snow only once every five or so years (if we’re lucky). Of course, everyone was wringing their […]

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