Could You Be Addicted to Working Out?

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Working out? Yes! Not only is it great for your physical health but (believe me) it is contributes to mental well-being and the balance that life requires. However, in some cases people overdo it and that can cause or worsen injuries or other issues. Check out Fitness Magazine’s “7 Signs of Exercise Addiction” on what to look […]

The Kardashian Effect

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Love them or hate them, the K continue to affect American culture in ways that even they probably didn’t imagine back in 2007 when their reality TV series first began.  A Washington Post story describes how women are cutting back on clothing purchases in favor of splurging on luxury cosmetics.  Theresa Yee, senior beauty editor […]

Color of the Year: Off-White

I am so excited to see off-white as a trending color for 2016! Whites and off-whites are so clean. they can serve as a background that makes other colors pop, and yet create a place for the eye to rest.  While some make think they’re boring, they actually can be very calming. Leave it to Houzz to show us what […]

Those *#@! Kitchen Floors!

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I’m planning to update my kitchen floor but am at a loss as to what material to use.  My current ceramic floors are simply too hard. I’ve been considering hardwood – I love the darker tones that add warmth to the area, and it would blend nicely with flooring in the adjacent dining room. However, a […]

DIY Home Update for Only $5,000

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Kelly, her husband and baby daughter recently moved into their first home in Northern Virginia.  The house had nearly gone into foreclosure and they were able to get it at a good price but, it needed some work.  Armed with $5,000 for  initial repairs, they embarked on an update the Property Brothers would be proud of. Kelly […]

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